Influencer Alix Earle claims that her girlfriend texted a naked picture of her to her crush without getting her permission!

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Speaking candidly about her friendship breakups, Alix Earle reveals that one of them happened following a significant betrayal!

The 23-year-old influencer opened up in a new edition of her Hot Mess podcast on Thursday, sharing some unsettling reasons why she’s had to cut her circle of pals since becoming famous. In one instance, Alix talks of an anonymous former acquaintance who snapped pictures of her in her underwear without getting her permission.

“After my friend and I went out for a night, I was lying on my bed, completely nude with my butt cheeks exposed, when someone decided to take a picture of me.” My taco is out, and my legs are slightly parted apart.

Come on, what?

And as if that weren’t awful enough, this lady went over and beyond by sending the pictures to Miami Dolphins player Braxton Berrios, who was her current crush:

“After that, this individual texts [Braxton Berrios], who is currently my boyfriend but wasn’t at the beginning—I was just starting to spend out with him. “Do not send that,” I said, but the person clicked send.

The TikTok celebrity claims that because they were intoxicated, her companion thought it would be “funny.” It makes sense, though, that she was upset and felt “taken advantage of” by the whole thing—after all, this went too far! She claimed to have phoned Braxton right away and was trying to explain what had happened while “bawling her eyes out”:

“I was crying my eyes out, and I didn’t want him to think that I wanted this to happen. [My ex-pal is a] psychopath. How invasive of privacy that is.

Horrible! The idea that someone would do this, especially to someone they regarded as a friend, is repulsive!

It seems that this anonymous guy accomplished more than just that. Alix also spoke about how her former best friend would go about divulging all of her secrets:

“I’m Alix Earle’s best friend,” a female once DM’d me, claiming she was at a pub and was sharing intimate details about my split with them.

We’re relieved that Alix has moved on from this experience and that this individual is no longer in her life. The purpose of friends is to be friendly, right?

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