Tom Holland Reacts To Rumors Of A Zendaya Breakup!

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Regarding all of the reports that he and Zendaya split up, Tom Holland has something to say!

As we’ve been covering, fans have gone crazy after the actress from The Greatest Showman started unfollowing people on Instagram. Her number of followers dropped to an absolute zero, indicating that she also unfollowed the person who was imitating Peter Parker! Everyone was curious if they had called it quits after their social media snub! And everyone here sincerely hoped that they hadn’t!

The good news is that we can all finally exhale with relief at this point. The Spider-Man: No Way Home actor was spotted by TMZ on Friday while he was out and about in El Lay. During their conversation, the reporter posed the subject that has been on everyone’s mind: are Tom and Z for real? In response, the 27-year-old British woman forcefully corrected the record:

“No. Without a doubt not.

That provides an answer! Brief, sweet, and direct!

This supports the information provided by a source earlier on Friday, which stated that even though they have been spending time apart lately, everything is well in paradise. They are still spending precious time together in secret even when they aren’t together in the open! Besides, they spent New Year’s Eve together, so it hasn’t been weeks or anything! Furthermore, Zendaya is hanging out with her brother Austin rather than some other man!

So, yeah, Tomdaya shippers, you can sleep soundly tonight!

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