Fans of Selena Gomez Go Crazy Over Her 24-Hour Social Media “Break” Memes!

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After seeing some of these responses, Selena Gomez might need to take a social media vacation once more!

The 31-year-old singer declared on Instagram on Tuesday that she would be taking another hiatus from social media for “a while” in order to “focus on what really matters,” amid the turmoil between Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet as well as her chatting during the Golden Globes. But her alleged hiatus was over quickly! Here, we’re speaking really quickly! She came back to the platform less than a day later to showcase her partnership with renowned chef Gordon Ramsay.

There’s a good likelihood that an assistant scheduled or published the post on Wednesday. However, many fans felt Selena had given up on her social media vacation since she hadn’t provided any clarification! They also made fun of Selena for having the shortest break ever on X (Twitter)! View a some of the outrageous responses below:

“Selena Gomez’s announcement that she will take a break from social media is akin to my declaration that I will resign from my job and then return the following day.”

“The way Selena Gomez posted something like GIRL PLS MAKE UP UR MIND today after saying she’s taking a break from social media”

“The goat of social media breaks, Selena Gomez.”

“I believe that Selena Gomez is correct when she says that closing an app constitutes a social media break, as someone on Reddit has pointed out.”

mm That last one might have been right! On top of that, people made some really funny memes about the whole thing! Look at this (down below):

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